I came across this disturbing bit of news and I need your help:
The San Diego Union Tribune is doing a phone survey concerning whether the city should BAN PIT BULLS… It takes 30 seconds. Call 1-800-244-6397 x2506, CHOOSE OPTION #2

If you have the time please make the call. It is so sad that the media is trying to get this started.

19 thoughts on “YOUR HELP NEEDED

  1. THis is ridiculous. Why can’t people just mind their own business? Who gave them a right to think they own this earth?
    Can we call from India? Will try. And will also pass on the message to our friends in the USA

  2. This is utterly ridiculous. The media has no place in creating drama and demanding legislation. Newspapers are supposed to record the facts, not stir up something that is best left alone.

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