Book Review: I Thought You Were Dead

i thought you were dead

I am surprised that I enjoyed this book as much as I did. It’s a novel that to me reads like a memoir. I can easily see the story unfolding in real life, well other than the talking dog. Then again, I talk to my dogs all the time and sometimes think that they have actual answers for me. I also read into their actions and expressions as though they were saying things to me. An enjoyable, but sad (the dog is old…) book to read.

13 thoughts on “Book Review: I Thought You Were Dead

  1. Hi Y’all!

    Hey, hey! We all get old! and we DO TALK! We tell you ALL kinds of stuff, if you’d just listen! My Human Papa is much better at listenin’ and understandin’ what I’m sayin’ than my Human Mama.

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

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