Tori’s been sick

I haven’t been meaning to ignore you all but Tori has been very sick, and I was on the road and having a hard time dealing with it. I posted a bit on Facebook and Twitter but didn’t want to put up a blog post until I really knew what was going on.

It started Sunday morning. Tori was slower moving and didn’t want breakfast. I finally convinced her to eat about half way through the day but she was lathargic. It then progressed after I went to the airport.

Sunday PM: Tori refuses dinner and is so lathargic that she opts to go to the bathroom inside becuase going outside is too hard (I didn’t know about the potty part until I got home)

Monday AM: While the hubs is still sleeping, Tori is on the sofa and pukes all over it but has no energy to move from it so lays in the pile of puke until my husband finds her. She again refuses to eat.

Monday Afternoon: Trip to the vet shows that Tori has a high fever. Blood work is drawn and results are pending. Tori again refuses to eat.

Tuesday AM: While the hubs is out doing stuff, a roommate notices Tori is SUPER lethargic and barely responds to his touch. He texts the hubs and calls my mother in law in worry (I didn’t know about this till I got home)

Tuesday Afternoon: Vet calls with lab results, nothing shows up as wrong. We schedule a follow up appointment.

Tuesday PM: Tori refuses dinner

Wednesday AM: Tori refuses breakfast but shows interest in the hubs’ eggs. She munches on grass outside and has a bit more energy. At the vet we learn her temp is back to normal and xrays show a completely empty digestive system other than the bit of grass from the morning. An antinausea shot is given, bland diet prescribed and we are sent on our way.

Wednesday PM: The hubs cooks up ground turkey and rice and feeds Tori a half cup every hour or so. She tolerates the food.

Thursday: she keeps tolerating the food and is gaining more energy

So here we are on Sunday. Tori is mostly back to normal except for the runs which was to be expected. She has most of her energy back and is eating again though we have to coax her off the sofa (never had to in the past). The vet is still stumped as to what was wrong. The tests should have shown if there was an infection or blockage. I am hoping that she doesn’t get sick again when I am gone this week because it is terrible being away. It makes me feel helpless. I am going to take extra time to snuggle Tori today before I head out though, you can be sure of that.


28 thoughts on “Tori’s been sick

  1. OH TORI…. we are so sorry that you have the sickies. We have our paws crossed that you are totally Well in like 87 seconds.

  2. Oh! Poor Tori, poor you and poor everyone! Hope Tori continues to recover. We’re keeping all paws and fingers crossed, sending lots of good healing vibes and positive mojo!

  3. So very sorry you’ve been going through such a difficult and trying time. I’m glad to hear she seems to be on the road to recovery… and hope that it was just a passing bug. Hugs!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear she has had such a tough week. And I can’t even imagine how helpless you must feel while on travel. I’m glad you are getting some snuggles in and am hoping she continues to feel better and that it was just a (weeklong) blip.

  5. We are so sorry to hear about Tori. We hope that she is better now and has no relapse. Mom says she knows how she would feel if one of us got sick while she was away too. All paws crossed.

    Woos – Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Feel better soon, Tori! I know how it is when a pup is sick and I’m not home to do anything about it – it sucks. So Tori, feel better so your Mom doesn’t get all stressy!

    -Dr. Liz and Family

  7. Hope Tori is feeling better! We went through a very similar episode with Sunny and never really knew what it was, especially the fever part. Sending pawsitive vibes Tori’s way-Sunny

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