Book Review: The Dog Who Rescues Cats



I am not a cat person. I know many people with cats who love them but I am just not one. I guess it doesn’t help that I am allergic to them. That being said, this book is about a man who adopts a dog after a work accident leaves him partially disabled. His neighbor convinces him it’s a good way to stop him from becoming a hermit. The dog he adopts has a knack for finding special needs cats. They also start feeding and giving shelter to the homeless cats in their area, doing catch, fix and release operations to curb the numbers. The stories of some of the cats are sad but overall the book is heartwarming and shows the compassion that animals have.

11 thoughts on “Book Review: The Dog Who Rescues Cats

  1. We’ve read the book and remember Ginny well. We did a tribute post when she died. Such a sweetheart of a dog. Merci was the same way – before Buddy and then Sam came along and scared cats away on our walks.

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