Auto Dog Fence Barrier – Review

The folks at Dog Fence DIY asked me if I wanted to review their Auto Dog Fence Barrier. I jumped at the chance. Like many people, I have used the metal ones that you install by expanding the bars until they are so tight that the fence doesn’t move. This works in theory if you don’t have a Mesa.

Who me? Im innocent

Who me? I’m innocent

Mesa’s have giant block heads and a fear of crates. The fence looks like a crate and the head works as a battering ram. Put the two together and the fence doesn’t work! She is able to knock it over in a matter of minutes making the fence useless.

Enter the Auto Dog Fence Barrier. It is made of cloth and hooks around the headrests of your vehicle. Mesa’s are not afraid of this (we have a pop up crate that doesn’t scare her). Here is more information from the website:

Winner of best pet product by Fido-Friendly Magazine the Auto Dog Fence Barrier is a practical and affordable solution designed to keep your dogs safe on the road. The Auto Dog Fence Barrier is adjustable and fits the majority of car interiors. Keeping your dog contained in the back of the vehicle ensures your focus remains on the road by blocking the little space in the center console that serves as a route for your dog to move back and forth creating hazardous situations for everyone involved.

The Auto Dog Fence Barrier is made of soft canvas and can remain in the car even when you have additional passengers in the back seat. This barrier will not isolate your dog. You can still reach back and provide contact and comfort as needed.



The installation was easy and it works great. We almost always have our seats folded down due to having 4 dogs and we love it. I recommend getting your hands on one if you too have problems with the metal barriers!!!

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  1. Not seen that before. In my dad’s car we have a hammock thing that goes from the front seat headrest to the back seat headrests. It protects the car seat, but also stop the dog from getting or being thrown into the footwell.

    We have to have dogs clipped in here, so I have a seat belt strap. One end goes into the seat belt thingy and the other end clips onto your dogs harness, collar or lead.

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