The trouble with vision

The trouble with getting old? Things start to fail. Tori has been back on track with her eating and energy but even before then we noticed she was having vision problems.

Mostly it had to do with darkness and stairs. At our house you have to go down stairs to go outside. The light at the top tends to burn out. I noticed that Tori would wait until I went down the stairs and turned on the light at the bottom before coming down. If for some reason I forgot or thought it was light enough she would start coming down and inevitably trip. There are two stair leading into the garage and this is the same situation. She has a lot more issues going down stairs than up in the dark.

Secondly, we have guest in and out of our house all the time. Used to be Tori would bark but as soon as the person appeared at the top of the stairs she stopped. Now guests comment that she keeps barking at them until they walk up close to her. It’s as though she can’t clearly tell who they are until they are close.

Of course Tori isn’t letting any of this get her down and we are keeping an eye (hahahaha) on it. Nothing much can be done as it is age related. It just makes us call her a grumpy old lady more often :)


20 thoughts on “The trouble with vision

  1. OKAY I see you must have RE posted this… WE TRIED to leave a comment when it came up Earlier butt there was no way to do it.

    Sorry that Tori is having vision trouble. You will have to start being like Tom Bodette of Motel 6… leave the lights burning.

  2. Bilbo is starting to have the same problems. He waits until I turn the light on in the morning before getting down from the couch in the morning (when it is still dark) and the light must be on outside all night to avoid (most of the time) inside accidents.

    Getting old isn’t for sissies….as my Mom would say :-)

  3. It is so hard when they get old I notice so many changes with Tubby who will be 13 Norbert who will be 12 in July and Ping who will be 11. One of my big fears is that Norbert will not be able to do stairs some day or get in t he bed, he does them now but has trouble with jumping in the bed. Its one reason small dogs have become my favorite size I used to be all large dogs all the time. Tori is very lucky she has you and I know you”ll keep her happy
    retro rover

  4. Tori girl! I love seeing photos of that face! Aging isn’t fun. Every now and then when I come home, Melvin doesn’t hear me so he doesn’t come running to greet me. Of course I think his kidnapped (or dead) but a few shouts of his name and suddenly he is running!

  5. hello tori its dennis the vizsla dog hay as the faymus minstrels the rolling stones wunse sed it is a drag gitting old!!! thank yoo for yore kind wurds and thawts dooring tuckers reesent ilness it ment a lot to us to hav the support of his frends in the last fyoo days beefore he went to the rainbo bridj!!! ok bye

  6. We have found the need to leave night lights on both in the bedroom (where the dog door is) and a general one in the bathroom. Not only does it help failing eyes, it calms the senior moments and dementia episodes. With White Dogs strewn across the floor at night, momma must admit a certain appreciation for the lights as well.

  7. Aw, I totally understand. Bella’s had similar issues with her vision.

    (She’s also been losing her hearing, but sometimes that one is a blessing in disguise… like when she doesn’t hear a thunderstorm anymore.)

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